Abate Rabbit Packers Ltd.

The Abate brand of rabbit meat is a 100% whole natural product. Rabbit is all white meat, and as versatile to cook with as chicken but with a higher nutritional value. Recommended by the American Heart Foundation, and the AMA recommends it for people on special diets.

You will find rabbit in the finest of restaurants and grocery stores, the world over – give it a try, YOU’LL LOVE IT!

In addition to rabbit, Abate Packers processes and distributes man other quality game meats such as Cornish hens, Pheasant, Quail, Squab, Duck, Roaster Chickens, both air and water chilled, Goose, Muscovy Duck, and Guinea Fowl. We also have added value products such boneless Chicken Supreme’s for stuffing. Boneless chicken parts such as boneless breast, thigh, and leg meat.

Abate Rabbit Packers was started in 1967 by Salvatore and Antonio Abate, two brothers who travelled from Sicily to start a business and their families in Canada.

Abate Rabbit Packers is now owned and operated by Salvatore’s son, Joe and his wife Lori. A family business that prides itself on great quality products and food.

We distribute oven ready items such as IQF chicken breast, breaded chicken strips, breaded nuggets, and breaded pepper jack strips.

We also have fully cooked producs such as diced chicken, sliced chicken gyros, chicken souvlaki, satays, patties, and all different types of roaster wings.

We are a major distributer for King Cole Duck, D&D Poultry, Nipissing Game Farms and Andrade.

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We deliver to every city and small town in Ontario.

We have our own fleet of trucks to help meet our customers needs in southern Ontario and the surrounding area.

Northern Ontario Routes are delivered using ERB Transportation as out carrrier.


Cooking with the Wolfman

  • Chef David Wolfman at the 2018 Toronto sportman’s show
  • Working together with Greenbelt foundation to promote local