Abate Packers LTD

The Abate brand of rabbit meat is a 100% whole natural product. Rabbit is all white meat, and is as versatile to cook as chicken but has a highwe nutritional value. Recommended by the American Heart Foundation, and the AMA recommends it for people on special diets.

You will find rabbit in the finest of restaurants and grocery stores, the worl over – give it a try, YOU’LL LOVE IT!

In addition to rabbit, Ababte Packers Processes and distributes many other quality game meats such as Cornish Hens, Pheasant, Quail, Squab, Duck, Roaster Chickens, both Air and Water Chilled, Goose, Muscovy Duck, and Guinea Fowl. We also have added both value products such as boneless Chicken Supreme’s for stuffing. Boneless chicken parts such as boneless breast, thing, and leg meat.

We distribute oven ready items such as IQF chicken breast, breaded chicken strips, breaded nuggets, and breaded pepper jack strips.

We also have fully cooked products such as diced chicken, sliced chicken gyros, chicken souvlaki, stays, patties and all different types of roaster wings.

We are a major distributer for King Cole Duck, D&D Poultry, Nipissing game farms and Andrade.